Sunday, April 25, 2010

i've been trying to stay home a lot more lately.

on my off days i try to find things around the apartment that need attention instead of going to the salvation army or finding any old reason to leave the house. it's working out pretty well but it's kind of like breaking an addiction, it's only 1:30 on sunday afternoon and i've already denied myself multiple impulse ventures; goodwill, starbucks, aimless car rides... but my apartment has been a lot cleaner and more organized, and i've made time to work on a few of my ten thousand on going projects including my fire escape garden, jewelry making, sewing, knitting, etc.

i do always manage to go visit my family in boonton on many of my days off. which is where we had this nice little photo shoot a few weekends ago.

the pictures are a little blurry because we didn't try too hard. but i think it makes for a nice effect. they look kind of old and effortless. my mom's house is really gorgeous. she should really be an interior designer. i've always wanted to do a photo project just walking around and photographing her collections. some day i will. i think this was a good start.