Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've had a pretty eventful past few weeks. I got a new car, started going out a little more, went to the beach, a wedding, ringwood park, etc. I decided to take a break from jewelry making, since I've got a lot on my mind and my schedule, and in the mean time I've been commissioned to make a pair of earrings for someone! I'm really excited about this project because we'll be working with real gold and silver and not costume metal.

My sister had an art show on Saturday at The Loop Lounge in Passaic, NJ.
Here are a few pictures from that:

Her pieces are so beautiful and intricate, it boggles my mind. She's going to be the featured artist at Another Man's Treasure for the month of September (back, for the third time, by popular demand). For more information, contact me.

I'm eager to start making jewelry again. I've been avoiding flea markets and garage sales. The move has made me realize how much stuff I have and I'm really trying to control myself and keep/ acquire only what I need. It's been tough.

And with that, I'm taking Izzie downtown to go shopping! Haha.

Monday, August 17, 2009

new camera and an amazing long weekend!

i've been wanting/needing a camera for a few months now (since my last digital elph got stolen from right under my nose at a house sale a few months ago) so i have been saving and looking around for one when luke shows up at my work on friday with a brand new 12 mega pixel digital elph! needless to say i'm thrilled and keeping it safe on my person at all times as if it were a baby. i've been so anxious to take pictures of the apartment but things are still in organized piles and we still need some shelves, curtains, and painting supplies.
here are a few highlights of the kitchen:

on saturday my family had a bar-b-que for our uncle and cousin who are visiting the east coast from seattle. it was really great to see them again. on sunday luke and i went to asbury park with a few of our friends. it was amazing. i am totally in love with that town. we went swimming in the ocean, (even though asbury is probably the worst beach of the entire jersey shore to swim at, believe me, i know the jersey shore like the back of my hand) it was still a blast and luke laughed like a little girl the entire time. we ate italian food at crust & crumble, which was amazing. i had vegan sausage and peppers! and then walked around the town. luke and i's favorite store shelter home had closed right before we got there. i want our entire apartment to look like this store. it's getting there.

today i have the day off and decided to stay around to "run some errands" (hate that expression) and clean up. instead i gave myself a haircut and i love it! (shut up hairstylist friends, i did a good job!) it's perfect for pin curls, teasing, twisting, etc.