Friday, July 31, 2009

god is really kicking me in the ass right now.

i always said i loved summer and didn't mind the heat. humidity is another thing. although it does wonders for my baby-fine, kind of wavy hair, i don't enjoy feeling clammy. at least brownstones don't get very hot and we have lots of windows. and being in our undies all the time is fun. if there's a peeping tom around here, he's having a ball.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

not enough hours in the day

i just pulled a muscle while scolding my dog for barking at footsteps in the building, serves me right. since the move my mind has been racing with color pallets and project ideas. i wish i could take a week off just to focus on the apartment. a few hours before and after work is not suffice to get much of anything done. tomorrow i'm going to my mom's to pick up a car load of stuff, or maybe two, after i check out a pair of really cute shoes at hello again vintage. which is only a few blocks away from where i live now! i love the heights. then life drawing with mr. afternoon at lex leonard gallery! (i hope i can make it there in time) and once we pay our first month's rent i'm buying myself a new camera. which is probably a bad idea since i should be saving as much as i can right now, but i feel like a good camera is essential to my creativity and quality of life. haha. and alas, my blog will have lots of pictures. for now, i better shower and get my ass to work.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

anxious anticipation

so many things are happening this summer! new apartment, new car, having my artwork featured in a few stores. usually my summers consist of garage sales, road trips, parties, lots of shopping, and exploring. this summer i've barely done any of that so far. it's been spent planning (planning?!?) and working and saving money. i've dodged a bunch of parties and day trips for apartment searching, lease signing and what not. i'm convinced that all my friends hate me. the good thing is that i feel like my life is going somewhere and i'm really working hard toward something. no dead end job, no more waiting for school to start. i can't wait to start painting walls and hunting for vintage furniture (we already got a pair of 1950's vintage tweed couches!) i'm so excited for this apartment: renovated kitchen and bathroom, lots of big windows, extra rooms, exposed brick, big kitchen, lots of parks in the neighborhood (including a dog park!), and pretty much everything we could possibly need in walking distance.

but i'm also pretty nervous about the future and can't stop wondering if we chose the right place. i swear to god i have split personalities.

pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

new pieces at another man's treasure!!

on monday i set up my display at another man's treasure as the featured artist for the month of july. i have a bunch of brand new pieces for sale as well as some oldies (but goodies!) and i have already sold a few. i will be making more throughout the month as well as some more pieces for kanibal for which kristen gave me a bunch of vintage keys! i'm so excited.

here are some pictures:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

split rock reservoir

swimming at split rock reservoir with the pups,
here are some of my favorite pics...