Wednesday, March 17, 2010

chanel temporary tattoos!

chanel's new line of temporary tattoos is amazing!


  1. I really want these tattoos! It's $75 though :( lol!
    Miss you Laura! :)

  2. i miss you too, kim! we need to meet up at AMT one day. you look amazing in your new facebook pics!

  3. aww thanks Laura! :) I love that necklace that I bought from you so much, it goes with anything I wear :D

    I actually can't go to AMT until after Easter LOL because I gave up vintage shopping for Lent :( hahaha I know, I know, how am I surviving? right? I'm dying pretty much, I miss vintage shopping so much, I can't wait when Easter arrives haha! So in the meantime maybe we can just have lunch or dinner since I can't go vintage shopping haha!

    I'm going to find out my schedule for next week tomorrow, so I can let you know if I am free on Sunday. Hopefully, I am not scheduled to work like always.

  4. Oooh!I'm a fan for sure...But $75, Geez that is one expensive temporary tat!

  5. I want some of them sooo bad but to expensive for me! xoxo

  6. Such amazing temporay tattoos!

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