Friday, April 17, 2009

Art Attack Craift Fair!!

come one, come all!

i'll have a table, so will my lovely girl michele with red delicious and luca from lollibomb beauty.


  1. It was really nice seeing you yesterday :) I hope I can make the next craft fair :)

  2. hello there! i want to try to make it to this craft fair. i'm really excited that they started a jersey city craft mafia. question though, any idea of how i can become a member myself? i've been trying to contact someone from the group for a while on how to do this. any help would be greatly appreciated =) also, i really love your jewelry!

  3. hey! i'm grace's cousin and i think she did mention you before. thanks for the info on jc craft mafia. i think its a wonderful idea..oh man, i just realized right now that the 26th has passed lol and i didn't get to check it out! how was the turn out for the craft mafia event?