Saturday, April 11, 2009

vintage granny boots

i just put a pair of vintage granny boots up on etsy.
size 8 1/2.
they are really soft and perfectly worn in.
and extra long laces make for extra floppy bunny ears!


5/9/09 -

I just listed these boots on ebay!!
click here: bid if you're interested ;)


  1. Hey Laura! Welcome to the blog world :P I added you to my blog list and that's cool that you're selling on etsy :)

    I saw your myspace bulletin and I just realized that I can't make it to the craft fair because I'll be working from 1-6PM at Hala on that Sunday. Hopefully, I can make it to the next one and I love all of your jewelry pieces from the blog entry below. :)

  2. these boots have officially SOLD! yay.