Friday, May 22, 2009

turquoise boots

i just listed the turquoise boots from my last post in my new etsy shop!

i had to make a new shop for "swallow and the swift" since shop name changing is not allowed on etsy. so if you favoritized the "myrationale" shop, you can also favoritize "swallowandtheswift" ;) it kind of sucks that i have to change all of my favorites over and that i have no feedback now, but i can live with it. new banner coming soon as well as lots of handmade jewely, much of which was featured in my first post.

in other news, me and izzie are sick. i have some kind of stomach thing and she has a sinus cold. i could have gotten so much more done today but i was just pacing around/trying to take a nap all day. yuck. i also haven't had coffee in 2 days which is really odd, i'm afraid it might make my head/stomach hurt more.

i also got these sweet gladiator sandals yesterday, from steve madden

(bike pictures coming soon also, i promise, kim!)

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  1. Thanks Laura! LOL I seriously started laughing when I read my name. Love the sandals & those boots are amazing! :P