Wednesday, July 29, 2009

not enough hours in the day

i just pulled a muscle while scolding my dog for barking at footsteps in the building, serves me right. since the move my mind has been racing with color pallets and project ideas. i wish i could take a week off just to focus on the apartment. a few hours before and after work is not suffice to get much of anything done. tomorrow i'm going to my mom's to pick up a car load of stuff, or maybe two, after i check out a pair of really cute shoes at hello again vintage. which is only a few blocks away from where i live now! i love the heights. then life drawing with mr. afternoon at lex leonard gallery! (i hope i can make it there in time) and once we pay our first month's rent i'm buying myself a new camera. which is probably a bad idea since i should be saving as much as i can right now, but i feel like a good camera is essential to my creativity and quality of life. haha. and alas, my blog will have lots of pictures. for now, i better shower and get my ass to work.

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