Thursday, July 2, 2009

split rock reservoir

swimming at split rock reservoir with the pups,
here are some of my favorite pics...


  1. oh this is so awesome and so beautiful! i love it! where is this exactly?? i want to take my dogs too and possibly use them as a flotation device since i cant swim haha

  2. you can't swim? that's so cute! it's called split rock reservoir, on the border of rockaway township and kinnelon. i grew up in boonton and the unpaved, dark, creepy road around the water was apparently haunted. but it was recently made into a park and has tons of hiking trails now. you should go, its beautiful!!

  3. Just brought my Hobie( foot-pedal )kayak up here today for the first time. A little over an hour to pedal from the launch area by the dam to the top area of the lake. I should slow down next legs were cramping up near the end...can't wait to try it again when the leaves change color.

  4. I am training for a triathlon, and would love to swim in Split Rock Reservoir (I live in Mendham). Do you know if you're allowed to swim? Does anyone care if you just hop in?