Monday, August 17, 2009

new camera and an amazing long weekend!

i've been wanting/needing a camera for a few months now (since my last digital elph got stolen from right under my nose at a house sale a few months ago) so i have been saving and looking around for one when luke shows up at my work on friday with a brand new 12 mega pixel digital elph! needless to say i'm thrilled and keeping it safe on my person at all times as if it were a baby. i've been so anxious to take pictures of the apartment but things are still in organized piles and we still need some shelves, curtains, and painting supplies.
here are a few highlights of the kitchen:

on saturday my family had a bar-b-que for our uncle and cousin who are visiting the east coast from seattle. it was really great to see them again. on sunday luke and i went to asbury park with a few of our friends. it was amazing. i am totally in love with that town. we went swimming in the ocean, (even though asbury is probably the worst beach of the entire jersey shore to swim at, believe me, i know the jersey shore like the back of my hand) it was still a blast and luke laughed like a little girl the entire time. we ate italian food at crust & crumble, which was amazing. i had vegan sausage and peppers! and then walked around the town. luke and i's favorite store shelter home had closed right before we got there. i want our entire apartment to look like this store. it's getting there.

today i have the day off and decided to stay around to "run some errands" (hate that expression) and clean up. instead i gave myself a haircut and i love it! (shut up hairstylist friends, i did a good job!) it's perfect for pin curls, teasing, twisting, etc.

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