Sunday, June 28, 2009

yes, it really is 6:27 on sunday morning.

and i can't sleep. i decided to check out san fransisco's craigslist out of curiosity and it is amazing what you can get for under $1200 a month out there. it really makes me wonder if this is really where i want to be or if i'm just settling for the most expensive area in the world out of proximity to my family and friends. most likely the latter.

in more positive news, restoration of the jersey city power house starts this summer! i'm very excited about that. this is the ferry building in san fransisco, a similar project.

i'm pretty sure that amazing piece of architecture has been sitting there, stagnant, for a few decades now. i'm glad they're not just tearing it down to put up high rises like the rest of the pavonia-newport-ish area.

also, i just recently found out about the jersey city bike tours and rental, which totally supports my theory that this is becoming a vacation town. which i love.

kristen from kanibal home gave me some vintage skeleton keys for a commision project, which i am very excited about. now i need to order tons of chain from ebay! more news/ pics soon. kim also brought a bunch of vintage accessories to kanibal to sell on consignment and i'm totally in love with a leather coach-esque bag. as soon as i have some extra cash it's mine.

i've been working on a ton of new jewelry pieces for another man's treaure (i will be the featured artist for the month of july!) and they're coming along wonderfully. here is a really terrible picture of a pair of earrings i will be selling.

blah blah blah. i'm finally getting tired now.

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